A stirring in my heart. That’s really the only way to explain what has been motivating me for some time now. As the gavel dropped concluding the 2008 International Assembly of the Church of God of Prophecy, it felt like something literally began to move in me.

In our last state convention (2007) I shared my heart’s vision for the churches and ministries of Tennessee. It included a re commitment to the Great Commission of Matthew 28. I shared that we need to “refuse to be defined” and to press on to the things that matter most. I shared one statement that continues to wake me up in the early mornings, and I would like to share it with you again today. “We need to stop trying to be a denomination and return to our roots as a missionary movement. Dedicated to evangelism and discipleship of believers.”

During the last assembly we heard the core values reiterated. We are committed to prayer, evangelization of the lost and the discipleship of believers. I can still hear and feel the call resonating in my spirit.

In just a couple of weeks, I will begin meeting with pastors and their companions in small groups across the state. This has become an annual event that I look forward to, especially since I love the fellowship of our excellent pastors and their families. In these meetings, I will again share these feelings, but I also believe there may be a stirring in their hearts too.

This past week, a pastor sat in my office sharing (with a gleam in his eye) that he will be filling the baptistery with water and baptizing a person he has worked with so long, but is now going to see this man follow the Lord’s example in baptism.

My friends there is a stirring, and I don’t just think it’s in my heart…are you feeling it too?