As we continue our thoughts on the future direction of the Church of God of Prophecy in Tennessee, I felt it appropriate to make mention of the importance of proper focus. As one who needs eyeglasses to see anything up close, I am reminded daily of the importance of proper focus. For instance, it would be easy to overdose on medications, misread balance sheets or even read the newspaper without the eyeglasses bringing everything into focus.

It is my firm conviction that in the past, our church has lost focus. We have paid attention to some things so closely that we lost focus on what mattered the most. We’ve found it necessary to bring our focus back around to the things that are at the heart of God. While many feel like success is building larger churches or gymnasiums, the truth is that if these facilities are not used to win lost people to the Lord or to develop leaders, then we are only building our pride. Or perhaps there has been the quest to earn the degree in a given field of study. Again, if the purpose is just to earn the degree, you’ve lost focus on the reason for education….to learn!

As we go forward into the harvest, I am convinced the Holy Spirit is driving us forward, however, we must be sure that we focus. If we don’t we will be sidetracked, distracted and will ultimately miss the mark. Here are a few thoughts for you to ponder…

1. Why not spend a time of purpose-focused prayer. Instead of praying for everything you might have need of, why not pray for God to give you a burden for lost souls….people who will spend eternity separated from God if they are not converted?

2. Why not begin to pray for someone you know that needs Jesus? Ask the Lord to open a door of opportunity for you to witness to them.

3. Why not go to your nearest Christian Retail Center and find a study series and spend the next thirty days or so asking God to open your “eyes of understanding?”

Each of these will bring our core values into focus. You will see a renewed need of prayer, evanglization and education. These are our values.