By now, most of you from Tennessee are already home, but many of our brethren and their families are on their way back home. What a powerful International Assembly! It was punctuated by worship, fellowship and a renewed sense of vigor and vitality for the Church of God of Prophecy.

Now as many of our church family are traveling home, we need to pray for them and ask for God’s grace on their journeys. While we have glanced backward, we must now face forward and awake with a focus on prayer, harvesting and discipleship.

As you may now know, I have been reappointed to serve the wonderful people of Tennessee. You have been so good to my family and I, and we will forever be grateful. We look to working alongside you to see the work of God done, and the Kingdom of God to rule in our hearts and our churches.

A special thanks to everyone who assisted in the General Assembly from Tennessee, and if I were to begin to call names I might leave some out….but suffice it to say, whether you worked every day, or for a shorter tenure, the success of making the delegates of the world to feel welcomed was due to your efforts. May God bless you and give rest!