Yesterday was filled with business, fellowship, worship and the Word. The General Overseer gave a report to the International Assembly of his work in the past two years, which preceded the business sessions of the day. The reports of the Financial director was followed by representatives of the outside audit firm, Capin and Crouse, then the Administrative Committee. These three reports were separate, but blended in that the three entities have worked together for the past two years.

For the first time, we are able to report that our International and Domestic funds were audited with a qualified opinion, which means that the auditors found our financials to be in order. The Tomlinson Center Board gave their report, and the afternoon was filled with business of the BDP report. Everything presented was acceptec by the General Assembly.

The evening service was kicked off by the World-famous Bahama Brass Band. I was priviliged to greet the delegates and present a gavel the General Overseer from the people of Tennessee to celebrate his first International Assembly as moderator.

After the greeting and a welcome video the worship service soared to new heights as the Bahama Praise Team led the evening worship service, followed by the offering and prayer led by Brian Sutton (Alabama) and Samir Rizk (Overseer of Egypt) respectively.

The General Presbyter for Europe, the Middle East and the CIS (Formerly known as the Soviet Union) ministered a powerful word followed by a time of prayer and celebration.

Today will be a great day in which we will conduct more business, honor deceased ministers and the Bishop Ordination Service. We congratulate Pastor Keith Tucker of our church in Chapel Hill, Tennessee upon his ordination as Bishop today.