Friends. Have you ever felt like things were mounting up so fast that you couldn’t respond quickly enough? If you are in the ministry, I’m sure you have. That’s the way I was finding myself at the first of the week. With the General Assembly closing in fast and several churches needing pastoral appointments, and the myriad of other events constantly swirling in my little part of the world, I felt it was time for a “great escape.”

On Sunday morning, my family and I attended the Gallatin church where I heard Pastor Windell Moore preach a great message on “Freedom.” Now, I know with it being the weekend after July 4th, the topic was apropos, it spoke to me in a very specific way. I am thankful for the Lord leading Brother Moore the way He did.

I heard the Lord speak to my hear to “unclutter.” Now, I know that the purist might say that’s not really a word, but it did describe a feeling to me and ministered to my heart.

On Tuesday morning, I asked Debra to put our clothes together so we could go and get away for a couple of days. That’s exactly what we did. Our journey ended in the Smoky Mountains, where we relaxed, I read one of my favorite authors (Dr. Chuck Swindoll) writing on the need for “Simple Faith.” I have to tell you, it did the trick. The more relaxed pace did help, and while I wasn’t completely away from emergency (handling one in particular on the phone) situations, the time to just “stop and think,” made all the difference in the world for me.

Did it work? Well, time will see, but I can honestly say that it helped me free my mind from some of the “clutter” and allow me to get things in a better perspective.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “why would he write something like this?” Well, the truth is that many of you may feel like your life is a little too cluttered; just like mine. If so, I would challenge you to do the same as I did…escape for a day or two….if might be the best thing you’ve done in a long time.

We love and appreciate you!