3-year-old Injured By A Hit And Run Driver In Cleveland

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The Tennessee Highway Patrol continues look for a driver who hit a three-year-old boy Friday night.
It happened on Old Harrison Pike Northwest in Cleveland.
The boy is recovering at a hospital.
WDEF News 12’s Mandy Odom talked to his family in our top local story.

Hit and Run

The Ramos family is thankful little Kevin Lopez is not seriously hurt.
They were celebrating the 4th of July at their home Friday night when a driver hit him and never even stopped.
Lisa Ramos says, “I thought he was across the street, but the corner of the car hit him. He took him under the car, and he kinda like stops, so the kid could like get off, and he kept on going.”
His 15-year-old cousin Lisa says she was shocked and didn’t know how to react.
Kevin’s mother was standing right beside Lisa and ran to him.
Other relatives called 9-1-1.
“Right now, thank God, he’s good. They took him to Erlanger, but they moved him to Nashville today,” Lisa says.
Lisa says he has bumps and bruises, but no broken bones.
She says Kevin’s parents are with him, and her family plans to go see him.
Lisa says she’s still in shock about the whole thing, but feels better now that she knows Kevin will be okay.
She says, “I hope there’s justice and they get the guy cause it was a hit and run.”
In Cleveland, Mandy Odom WDEF News 12.
The THP is still looking for the driver of the vehicle.
It’s described as a red and white chevy pickup early 90’s model.
It has extended or crew cab.
The vehicle should have damage to either the front headlight or turning light.
There may also be a large white or silver stripe down the side of the truck.
If you have any information on this case, please contact your local law enforcement agency.