As the General Assembly approaches, I would like to invite participation from the folks of our great state to help make this a memorable time for the delegates gathering from around the world.

This will be the last time the General Assembly will be in Tennessee for some time, if ever again. The General Assembly of 2010 will be in Greensboro, N.C., and chances are the General Assembly of 2012 will be west of the Mississippi river.

There will be a real need for volunteers to help in several areas, and I invite you to help us show some good, old-fashioned Tennessee hospitality.

Our delegates from around the world will be arriving on the Friday before the assembly and will be departing Nashville on the following Monday. There will be a need for our folks to greet our National Overseers and missionaries at the airport and then return them to the airport for their departure flight. YOU CAN HELP.

If you would be willing to assist, I am asking you to email me at:

Also, there is a need for ushers/security help at the General Assembly, and some who will simply assist as needs arise. Would you like to help? Please let me know.

God bless