This week has been one for the record books. We have heard powerful testimonies from across the state of the work God is doing among our people. It has also been a week filled with travel (I know, what’s new) that started from going to Cleveland for a meeting with retired General Appointees, to preach at Fields of the Wood on Saturday and attending Father’s Day services with my family in Cleveland.

I attended the funeral of Deacon Nelson Yankee (Gallatin) and watched as Pastor Windell Moore did an excellent job. I am always made proud by our pastors who display professionalism with compassion.

With Adminstrative Committee meetings, work for the Assembly Task Force and Youth Camps rounding out the schedule, suffice it to say getting even a little time to post something here has been difficult. The week ended with taking care of State Trustee work with Bishop Leon Graves and Bishop Richard Neal, and enjoying the opportunity to sit with the two of them for about a half and hour and enjoying their fellowship and company.

Today has been filled with preparation for this next week, and I am looking forward to being with the church at McMinnville (Riverside) tomorrow for their homecoming services, and then back for another visit to the Youth Camps.

We appreciate your prayers and support as we travel across this wonderful State and spend time with our people. May God bless you!