Yesterday, I rose early to travel to the Cumberland Hospital in Crossville to visit the son of our Cookeville pastor, Thelma Roby. Bobby has been in critical care for over a week, and is currently on a ventilator. The doctors thought he had food poisoning, but instead his appendix ruptured and gangrene set up. I was able to visit with Bobby and pray with him, and then visit with Sister Roby and her husband Don afterwards. Please help me to pray for a miracle for Bobby.

After leaving the hospital, I traveled back to the office and picked up Debra. We visited the opening services of Big Shot camp and stayed until late last night. Arriving home around 11:30 p.m., it made for a long day.

As we get full swing into the camps, we are noticing a good turn out for the camps, and we are expecting God to do something very special in the lives of our campers.