Those who read our blog on a regular basis know that I try to post something every day, however, it has been a few days, and I wanted to give you an update on our activities.

Encounter Camp

Debra and I spent Friday and Saturday at Camp Hickory Hills for the Encounter Camp. This camp is for those age 18 and up, and Kim Batson serves as the director. Kim and her staff did an excellent job of preparation and implementation of the camp.

Paul Holt, from the International Offices served as the evangelist on Friday and Saturday nights, and Sister Londa Richardson on Sunday morning. There was a great crowd in attendance and Debra and I really enjoyed our time there.

Will Sims Wedding

We left on Saturday afternoon for Columbia where we attended the wedding of one of the members of the local church, Will Sims, whom I had the privilege of serving as pastor for eight years. It was a beautiful wedding and reception. We arrived back home late Saturday night, and then left home again Sunday morning.

Debra’s Mother

My first cousin, Marvin McKinley passed away this past week and Debra and I traveled to attend the funeral. On the way there, we stopped by Central City, Kentucky to visit Debra’s mother who underwent open-heart surgery. Margie is looking better and was thankful to hear about many of you who called, emailed and asked about her.

Monday’s Funeral Services

From there we went on to Evansville, Indiana and spent the night there. Early on Monday morning we attended the funeral, and I had the privilege of making comments at the funeral home and participating at the graveside service. Marvin died at 60-years-old, after a long illness. More than twenty-five-years ago, Marvin served as pastor of the Waukegan, Illinois church.

Just a few-minutes-ago, we arrived back home and Debra is processing mail as I catch up with everything. In subsequent posts, I will upload some pictures of some of the earlier events mentioned here. God bless you.