Each year, the United States celebrates Memorial Day to remember those who have served our nation in the military services. Throughout our churches in Tennessee and beyond, are men and women who chose an act of service that took them away from family and friends.

No war is ever popular, and indeed I don’t believe it should be. However, the enemies of freedom and self-determination seem to arise in in every generation and must be dealt with by resolute people who are determined to live out their lives in peace, and if must be possessing that peace by strength.

I take this opportunity to thank all of our service men and women, and those who serve as first responders to the cry of liberty. We also remember those who gave their lives on the field of battle, some who never made it home, not just those who died in conflict, but those who are still Mission in Action. We must never forget! On this day we thank you, we celebrate you and we honor you.

Happy Memorial Day