As you can see from the time stamp, it is almost 10:30 p.m. as I am posting. Debra’s mother underwent bypass surgery today, and after the surgery was completed (while she was in recovery) she suffered another heart attack. The doctors had to go back in to do more work.

I spoke with Debra just a few-minutes-ago and she said that her mother is still in the critical care unit, and is still on the ventilator. Debra will be traveling home early in the morning to be with our daughter Lindsey as she returns to her doctor to have packing removed from her surgery last week.

As you can see this intersection of several events has made it necessary for me to be out of the office for several days. I am checking messages and trying to do what I can from home.

Will you please continue to pray for my mother-in-law, for my daughter Lindsey, and for Debra as she drives home from Kentucky? God bless you.