Fund Raiser

For Renita Henry Rose – Cancer Patient
Daughter of Bobbie Henry and the Late Marson Henry

Renita is scheduled for surgery on 7/17/08 for Pseudomyxoma Peritonic (PMP)

She will need heated chemotherapy in the operating room to kill cancer cells in teh abdominal cavity. Five days of intraperitoneal chemotherapy. Surgery and two hours of chemotherapy wash will be 9 hours.

Renita suffers from a very rare cancer and very few surgeons use the warm chemo wash. The surgery will be done at Washington hospital in Washington, D.C. by surgeon, Paul Sugarbaker. For further information you can access:

The surgeon requires a $25,000 fee up fron and Renita will be out of work for 10 weeks. Any contributions may be mailed to the following addresses:

Cumberland County Bank
Renita Rose FUnd
225 West Ave
Crossville, TN 38555


Ruth Lawson
Fund Raising Chairperson
664 Lawson Rd
Crossville, TN 38571