Last night was a late night, and I wasn’t able to post on the blog.

The revival continues at the Oliver Springs Church of God of Prophecy. As you know, Sunday through Tuesday nights we met at the Petros church, and last night we moved the revival to the present location.

We have had wonderful support in the churches of the area. Not only have Petros and Oliver Springs joined together in the meetings, but also we have had great support from our congregations Clinton, Harriman, West Robbins, Rockwood and Knoxville Arrowhead, but also from Union Baptist, and Big Mountain Baptist and the Church of God.

God truly has some wonderful people in this area, and they are hungry for the Presence of the Lord. Each night has featured great singing and praying, but also the Spirit has helped open the eyes of our understanding from the Scriptures.

The final night of this series of meetings will be tomorrow, but I’m convinced the revival will continue. God bless.