The White Wing Publishing House has commissioned Pastor Terry Barnwell to write some curriculum for them in the Spirit Matters Lessons. These lessons are now available for purchase.

They are designed for Sunday School, Small Group Studies, or Wednesday Evening classes. These lessons are undated meaning they can be taught anytime, without following a set teaching schedule as the traditional Sunday School lessons in the past.

This series is called; “Hosea a Portrait of God’s Love”. These lessons are centered on the biblical character Hosea and his unconditional love for a promiscuous wife. Each lesson is designed to challenge the student concerning how they impact the world around them with Christ Love. The material is cutting edge, fresh, and applicable to real life for the student.

The study can be ordered by calling White Wing Publishing House at 1-800-221-5027 and ask for Darlene, she is the account specialist.

Soon it should be online at;