Hi folks,

As you’ve seen by the multitude of blog posts, this has been an extremely busy week around the state of Tennessee. With the multiple announcements of passing notices, our hearts are heavy for the families affected. In each case, those who have gone on have left a legacy for us to follow, and we have been honored to be associated with a part of this “cloud of witnesses.” (Hebrews 11).

This week, the General Presbyters have been in from across the world for their bi-annual meeting. These meetings have been punctuated by tragedy and difficulties, but I am convinced they will be successful.

At the beginning of the General Presbyters meeting, Bishop Felix Santiago, the General Presbyter of Central America suffered a heart attack and was hospitalized in Knoxville. Bishop Miguel Mojica, General Presybter of South America was hospitalized in Cleveland for a heart-related issue. As you know, Bishop Randall Howard’s father, Deacon Frank Howard passed away.

I have to share with you, that even in the face of all these events, the meetings carried on and business has continued for our world-wide movement. This week the BDP committee, F & S Committee, Global Outreach Committee and the Administrative Committee met with the General Presbyters to continue the work of the church.

I was in Cleveland for the Administrative Committee meeting, but I was able to meet with some of our pastors and enjoy a time of fellowship while in the area. In this midst of all this activities, we reached the deadline for pre-registration of proxies in the State Office, and I want to thank the faithful pastors/members of the church for participating. It appears that Tennessee has had about a 70% response, and while I am happy for that much participation, I am saddened that many of our congregations will “lose their voice” in the business of the upcoming General Assembly because the process was not followed at the local level.

Because of the Administrative Committee meeting again on Friday afternoon, I will return to Cleveland in the morning, but I will stay over for the visitation and funeral of Deacon Frank Howard. And Sunday morning, church visits will resume.

I appreciate your love, prayers and affection you have shown. We have two types of church folks in our churches in Tennessee:

1. Good folks
2. Better folks

Whichever category one is in, its wonderful to be associated with all of you. God bless.