Yesterday morning, I was blessed to minister at the Oliver Springs church in Eastern Tennessee. Pastor and Sister Roy Massengale gave me such a warm welcome, and the people were so kind and loving. It was such an honor to visit with and minister to this special group of people.

I left from Oliver Springs and stopped for lunch with the pastor’s family at Cracker Barrel in Harriman (thank God for Sunday Style Chicken) and then was off on a cross-state trek for the final of our District Meetings at the Tullahoma church.

All of our pastors in the district attended and their churches were well represented. Special thanks to Bishop A.J. and Norma Coalter for their moderation and serving the people of the district so well. We also thank Brother and Sister William Pritchett and the congregation of the Tullahoma church for allowing us to meet there.

Finally, I thank all the pastors, leadership and membership of the local churches in Tennessee for the kind attention and attendance at these meetings, as well, I am thankful for the Spirit of the Lord and His Wonderful Presence.