The emails have been coming in from across the state about our recent marriage retreat, and coupled with the evaluations, it seems that the retreat was a tremendous success! We are so grateful that the Lord visited with us in so many special ways.

I want to publicly thank Mike and Anne Willingham, the retreat committee, Paul & Barbara Holt, John A. & Judy Stone and Winston and Vernetta Reid for their hard work and contributions to the success.

Josh Dasher and the worship team absolutely excelled our best hopes for each session, and as always, Londa kept the books right. Shaun & Stephanie McKinley helped is with much of the behind the scenes work that was done, as did so many others.

Finally, it goes without saying that Debra McKinley exceeded her normal imaginative self. Zorro wants to publicly thanks Grace Love for the marriage counseling session!

God bless all of you, we are looking forward to a great retreat next year.