I received this request for prayer from our International Women’s Ministries Director, Cathy Payne. I have received her permission to post this so we can all join our faith together for a need for this very special man.

Hey Brother E.C.

John and I would like to share a special prayer need for our family. After a colonoscopy on John last week, a polyp which was removed and biopsied was determined to be cancerous. We went for a consultation with a surgeon yesterday and John has been scheduled for another colonoscopy tomorrow, to scope and mark his colon with surgery planned for Thursday, February 21, to remove the portion of diseased colon.

We are believers in the faithfulness of our Father and we know that this diagnosis is no surprise to Him. Our hearts are trusting in His love and care and we trust His direction. Please pray for God’s guidance as we follow him in this continued journey of faith.

We want to thank those who have already sent emails assuring us of your prayers and support, and for those who will stand with us in faith as you read this now. We have been strengthened by prayer support and we are already using the Word as our first line of faith.

We are also thankful to the Lord that He has the confidence in us to allow us to travel this journey with Him. We have preached and lived faith all of our lives and we are now grateful to walk this season in His mercy and grace.

Because of surgery, John will surely miss some of the retreat season, a reality that will affect me probably more than anyone else.

Please join us in prayer, and thank you for your love and support.