I wanted to share with you the email sent to me this morning. (see below)

As of right now we have raised $8993.93 for Peru. And it just keeps on coming in. Diana made her list of 10 givers, she listened to the Lord and he has supplied the $1000.00!!! To God Be the Glory. Last Sunday a lady shared with me that she wrote a check for money that she did not have, but he Lord told her to be obedient and she was, that very week before her check to Peru cleared the bank; she said the amount she gave was multiplied many times over. Another young couple wrote a check for $400.00 but he Lord told them to write another one for $500.00 God still speaks, and if we obey He will show himself BIG!!!!

I’m just about to bounce off the walls this morning to the GREATNESS of my Savior!! Celebrate with us today as we see the hand of God moving in Lebanon to bless the lives and futures of those in Peru!!!

Woo Hoo!!!!