As far as I’ve heard, our people in Tennessee have for the most part been spared death or serious injury from the storms that came through Tennessee earlier this week. There has been some minor damage to properties, but the Lord helped our folks.

Just a few minutes ago, I had a conversation with Pastor Glen Creasy at Hartsville and he informed me that much of the massive damage was done immediately around the church properties there. The gas plant that exploded is about one mile from the church, and the devastation there was tremendous.

Brother Glenn said that rescue workers and other support agencies have set up shop in the area and are trying to help the people of the stricken area. He further stated that they had been storing things up for a rummage sale to help with church expense, but with so much need, they are going to try to open the church up for people in need.

Since they are so close to the majority of the work, the church could be used more effectively if the power was to be restored. I asked about a generator, and Glenn shared that he has requested one, but that request has been buried in the massive amount of pressing issues.

I told him that I would post on this blog tonight to see if someone may have a generator that could be used to help the people there. A commerical-grade generator would be the ideal, and would help to open the church up for the devastated community.

Brother Glenn can be reached at this phone number: (615) 644-3228

I do hope we have someone who can help their need at this time. May God bless you!