Many of you have heard me tell the story of persecution in Ukraine that I learned about last year. Today I read about three other accounts I would like to share with you.

1. I read about a young boy in Sudan who had his knees and feet nailed to a board and left to die. When he was rescued, he made the comment that he forgives the man responsible because Jesus was nailed to a cross and forgave those responsible.

2. A Pastor in Vietnam was sentenced to two years in prison. His captors offered to release him early, but he refused because he had a group of believers in prison that he felt he couldn’t leave until they were discipled.

3. A missionary in Colombia was told she would be killed in two hours. She told her captors that she wanted to spend her last two hours sharing the gospel with them.

These are only a few stories that you will hear about, and read in accounts of people who are giving their lives for the Gospel. With our brothers and sisters being tortured and dying around the world for our faith, we should hold them up with our prayers, and try to be grateful for the blessings we have to live in a nation where freedom of religion is one of our foundational rights.

To the left, you will see a link to the website called The Persecuted Church. I encourage you to visit the site. God bless.