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Pastor Gene A. Dasher, Sr.

Thank You for My Friends

I sit here this morning thinking of and praying for my dear friends who continue to put their whole heart and life into ministering to others as they serve Jesus throughout the world.

There is Dan and Sharon and their children as they lead the way in Japan where numbers are often small and little support is given because of this. However after serving nearly 40 years, I see them excited about proclaiming Jesus to this nation. God will provide for them because he is an on time God.

I see Paul and others who keep in touch in India against all odds as they see fellow labors homes, churches, and families destroyed. I pray Lord lift them up this morning, protect them and provide for them as they share their love of Jesus at the very expense of losing their lives.

I hear from Pakistan and how unpopular it is to be a Christian yet they continue on for God. Thank you Lord for these faithful friends.

I received a note from Paul who recently gave up a nice church in Tennessee and took his family to Honduras and is so excited about working with Curt and Cheryl with the deaf ministry. Lord bless them this morning. Curt has had another serious bout with cancer this week and needs a touch of God; lift him up in your prayers.

Join me in prayer for ministers like John who continue to pastor while in his 80’s but loves God and people so much he just keeps on going.

Several friends from different parts of Africa labor for the master each day in hopes of reaching one more soul. There are so many giving and giving until it hurts.

Lord, there are so many but you see them all and we ask you to touch them with your loving had of mercy. I know I will forget someone but you Lord will not let them down.

I pray for John who ministers with the laborers in CIS in Ukraine, Russia Siberia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and China, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Mongolia, Armenia and the Baltic States. While the window is open Lord give us these souls for your harvest.

Lord bless Gary and those laboring in Nigeria, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Russia, Nepal, India, Burma, and China, many of these go literally into the hedges and byways to reach souls for Jesus.

And then, there is Charles, 81, worked over 60 years for the Lord in many areas of the world but still has a heart for a door that has been opened in China to be walked in so China can hear about Jesus. Provide while the door is open Lord so we may reach these souls.

Yes, Lord, is what these and others have said to your will and your way and we want to lift them up in prayer and we want to thank you for allowing them to be our friends in ministry today.

And oh yes, I would never fail to be thankful to those who are at home who continue to labor with love to help sustain all these on the field. Bless our local ministers and ministries as we continue to hear the cry and send forth new workers and monies to see the needs met in all ministries in Jesus name I pray.

Forgive my indulgence this morning but all fellow labors need to be lifted up with love, prayer, and thanksgiving. Thank you Lord, I am blessed with so many friends.
Thank you my friends for your love and prayers and for allowing me in your life today.

Yes, Jesus is the one, yes he’s the only one, let him have his way until the day is done, and when he speaks you know the clouds will have to go, just because he loves you so. Thank you Jesus!

1 John 1:9 “If we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

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