I would like to ask that the information in this email be put into your state paper if possible. I am a full time evangelist and at the present have been working in the states of VA. WVa. and TN, & Alaska.
I have started to book for the summer in 2008 and also for 09.. Please let your pastors know that I am willing to come and share the gospel with them and the church and community as well. I can be reached at:
Evangelist Rebecca Spicer
H: 540-726-3197 or C: 540-623-4960

Available to book now for revivals , children’s crusades outreach seminars.
Will work with any church , no matter the size or distance. Please reply ASAP.
References you may use are: My overseer in VA. (Bro Davis – 540-992-3696 ) or (Overseer Larry Dotson – 407-877-0733– Bro. Dotson was a former pastor to me.)
Thank you, Evangelist Rebecca Spicer