God bless everyone!!!

This is Kirk Rising, State Youth Director in North Carolina! I just wanted to make all Overseers aware of the CCMN (College and Careers Ministries Network) website and upcoming events! We are going to be in Myrtle Beach, SC. Jan 4-6, 2008. The cost for this week-end is $30.00 ($40.00 at the door). The hotel information is on the our website. (These rooms sleep from 6 to 14! Living rooms, kitchens etc. Most are condo’s) This is a very affordable week-end! This week-end is for College and University students, young single professionals and young married.

There will be a learning tract for each group. We are trying to fill the gap of our youth ministry to help curve the loss of college students and career path young adults. We hope this week-end will benefit your state and local churches. Sis Palma Hutchinson, our General Youth Director, is boosting this from General Headquarters. I have sent emails to most state and regional youth coordinators. We would also love to have your participation in this week-end. (Bring the wife, shop a little . . . . you get the picture!) The website to register online is www.ccmnetwork.org.

Please be in prayer for this week-end!

Making Heaven My Home,

Kirk Rising