Today, Debra and I were blessed to visit with two churches.

This morning, we took part in the celebration of 50 years of ministry at the Springplace church in Cleveland. The entire worship service was exciting as we worshiped in the recently renovated sanctuary, a task that was undertaken under the leadership of Pastor Paul Holt. I was thankful that he and Barbara were able to be at the service.

Pastor Eric Washburn and the congregation worshiped in the “old” and “new” style, as a balanced service was presented. My favorite part must have been the children’s portion of the program, especially as the children sang songs the children sang when the church was started in 1957.

After the worship service, there was a WONDERFUL spread of food laid out in under the pavilion, and the Lord gave us a great day with a cool breeze blowing.

This evening, Debra and I were blessed to be with the church a Madisonville. The people gave us a wonderful welcome as we discussed who the next pastor would be, since the retirement of Pastor Johnny Adkins and Retha, who served for the pastor two years.

What wonderful people we have in Tennessee!