Hello Pastor,

We are offering to the local church here at Lakeside,
and especially those in teaching positions, the Bible
portion of the Church’s Foundations course with the
possibility of completing all of the Foundations books
at a later date.

Sister Karen Jent, Lakeside’s Leadership Development
Instructor will be teaching this course here at the local

If you have teachers or any persons who would like
to attend this course you may let us know and we will
include them in the nights of study.

This is a short notice but classes begin on Monday night,
September 17th., at 7:00 and ending at 8:30.

The instructor will provide a study guide for each class
session with handouts with fill in blank statements for
each student.

You may call the office 9:00 – 2:00 and ask for Melissa.
E-mail the pastor at flg@nctc.com
Karen Jent at jenteagle44@nctc.com
and we will include you.