When I was first converted, my pastor spent some time giving me good advice. He said, “God didn’t save you to sit on a pew, but he saved you to be a soul winner.” I will never forget that advice, and I have tried to follow it throughout my ministry.

In the early days, I followed several methods of presenting the gospel to people needing the Lord. The first was from a man by the name of Leon Kilbraith, then by Nate Krupp. However, the best material I learned was developed by Dr. D. James Kennedy of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Florida. His outline made sense, and allowed you to continue to present the gospel, even when distractions would take place. This approach was known as Evangelism Explosion (EE).

I learned of his passing this week, and could only imagine the greeting he must have received in heaven from so many people who came to the Lord through Dr. Kennedy’s ministry. I am forever grateful for his labor of love, and know that he has made it home.