On Saturday Debra and I attended the funeral services for Sister Peggy Wynn, whose husband Ray served for many years as the President of Bible Training Institute in Cleveland, Tennessee. The funeral was conducted by many of the senior ministers at the Peerless Road Church, Senior Pastor Tim Coalter and VOS speaker, Billy Wilson.

Yesterday morning, Debra and I were privileged to be with the church at Sunbright. That afternoon, we traveled back to Cleveland for visitation and a memorial service for Sister Lois Smith, a retired minister. Much of the service was conducted by Sister Lois’ family, however, the officiating minister was Pastor Luther Massengale of the Crab Orchard church.

Every time I watch our ministers serve the congregations there is a deep sense of pride that I experience….especially as I watch the compassion they demonstrate. We are blessed to have so many quality ministers in Tennessee.

God bless each and every one of you.