I am publishing this prayer request with permission from the sender. Please join us in prayer.

Good morning!

We are sending this e-mail out, along with many others, asking for prayer. Please do not feel like we are sending this to you because we only think people in positions can pray. We are asking one because you are the elder of the church, and two because we know that you all know and come in contact with soo many people. I have never ever felt impressed to do this until now. So, I am asking.
Jurnee was born with not enough myelin in her brain. It is the fatty tissue that surrounds the nerves in the brain. There was no real reason that any doctor can find as to why this happened. We only know that God chose Jurnee for a reason. This seems to affect her alot like CP kids. Her speech is severly delayed, her tongue is a very weak muscle which affects her swallow,and she does not have a controlled steady gate with her walk. We are still at this time not sure where her learning curve is.
Although God has done a great work in her so far, it is just not complete. Sometimes we get too satisfied with the little things that we underestimate all that God really has planned and promised. We are no longer satisfied. Jurnee needs to be completley healed. I know if God can part and hold back a sea, then he can dry up drool. If He can speak through a donkey, then He can allow Jurnee to speak intelligably. Nothing is impossible for Him and we are praying BIG!
Please help us pray. Please ask anyone and everyone you know to pray. We are wanting to bombard heaven for healing. The word says where two or three agee together, or two or three thousand or million!

Her name is Jurnee Meadows. She is 6 years old. She stands in need of a complete healing from God.

In Christ
Kim and Bill Meadows