July 2007

Dear Children’s Ministry Director,

The 2008 Institute of Children’s Ministry is past. We had the largest attendance ever—128. After reviewing every evaluation I can thankfully say that this year’s Institute was an effective tool in leadership development.

As I was reviewing the financial statement for ICM I noted something that is very encouraging. Registration and housing fees for 76 of the ICM participants were paid either by the local church or the regional office. What does this say to me? The leadership of our local churches and regional offices want children’s ministers to be well trained and fully equipped as children’s ministry leaders. What does it say concerning building up attendance in the coming year? Why not talk with pastors and regional leadership about setting aside funds NOW for children’s ministers in your region to attend the 2008 Institute?

Another trend that I noted with joy was that leaders were bringing their teams—children’s ministers who served alongside of them. This says so much to me. First, it says that children’s ministers are developing an essential leadership skill—team building. Second, it says that they are assuming a very important leadership responsibility. They are providing training and encouraging the personal development of the members of their teams.

These are milestones that we can celebrate on the road to leadership development. Thank you for what you are doing to help us reach such significant milestones among the children’s ministry leaders in your region.

During the summer months Leslie and I will be working on the following—

· A funding plan for international leadership development
· Preparation of training materials for the International Institutes in Egypt, El Salvador, and Georgia
· An online children’s ministry helpline
· Endorsement of children’s ministers

Please pray with us that each of these plans will be accomplished according to His will and in His time.

I know that the summer is very busy for each of you with camps, conventions, local church outreaches, and more. Please share reports of these events with us so that we can share them with other ministry leaders. I am praying for you during these months of ministry asking God to use you to speak a sure word to children and encourage the development of leaders in this ministry.

Developing Leaders, Impacting Kids!

Kathy Creasy
Children’s Ministry