Below, I am including a portion of an email I received from Bishop Duke Stone, our pastor at Hickory Valley. Please direct any inquiries to him. Thanks Brother Stone.

“…Finally, you may have seen the advertisement for It is a fabulous service campaign that is tied into the release of the movie Evan Almighty. If a church registers for the program, they will receive all the materials (a huge banner, bulletin inserts, mail-outs, door knockers, video clips, and such) for free! It is a web-based site which allows people to post needs and then members of the congregation can go on the website and sign up to fulfill the needs. You can check it out at

If you want to see how it works on our site, go to the above arkalmighty site and then click on the “find my church” on the right hand side of the banner. Then enter “Hickory Valley Community Church” in the church window; “Chattanooga” in the city window; and “TN” in the state window. Then click “find”. That will take you to our site for the program. We are just now really getting started in the program, in fact I preach my first of four sermons on the program tomorrow. They keep saying they will have sermons available, but I have gone ahead and started and would be willing to forward a copy of the sermons to any pastor that requested via e-mail. I am also including a copy of the intro promo we do before church that I would be willing to customize and forward to any church in TN that would like one. I am also including a copy of our master graphic we are using that I would be willing to make available for example (the main graphic is purchased from for $5.95 and I do not have the rights to share it with everyone, but would be willing to share them with people who show me a proof of purchase receipt from for the background graphics. Just though I would let you know about it. Keith Street is also using the campaign.

Like I say, best of all…it’s all free (with the exception of the background graphic we use). Thanks.”