On Tuesday and Wednesday I found myself in Cleveland again, this time for committee meetings, and we worked late in the office last night. We are again working towards a successful State Convention that will be conducted late next month. If you haven’t noticed, you will find the countdown clock to the left of the daily blog entries.

We are continuing to receive reports from our pastors across the state informing us of great things happening in our churches. I truly believe the Lord is “up to something” in the work of the ministry in Tennessee.

Special thanks to all of the pastors and other ministers who have been faithful in tithing and reporting monthly. This is an area that still needs attention from a few, and I expect to see 100% compliance from our pastors and churches. It is saddening to see that some continue to neglect this very important responsibility, but again, I want to thank those of you who are FAITHFUL to your commitments. I can’t help but believe that God will honor those who are faithful to His word.

Please join me in prayer for our camps, which are now at about the half way point of being completed for the summer of 2007.