From the General Overseer

What an inspiration it was to hear recently of the miracles that God is performing in the Central Church of God of Prophecy in Kiev, Emmanuel Church. National Overseer of the Ukraine and Central Church Pastor, Vitally Vozsnuk, shared the testimony as he visited our recent Leadership Development Institute.

After nearly a year of shifting service times and even locations for the congregation that numbers over 2000 in attendance God has helped this church find a property that they want to purchase. How thrilling after eleven years of ministry and great growth to feel the hope rise that this powerful church could have its own building. The cost of the building is over $2.2 million.

Miracle number one was to hear that this church had raised over $200,000 for a property over the last five or six years. For those that know the story of the nation, the economy, and the people, this was a wonderful testimony of God’s help. This became the down payment and still there was much ground to cover.

Miracle number two was to hear that when the people were challenged with the possibility of buying this new building they began to give from their small retirement funds accumulated over years. Again one would need to know the situation of the Ukraine for the last thirty years. These precious people gave their retirement funds of $3000 and $5000 until the church had one million dollars ready for the purchase. What a miracle!

Miracle number three is where we come in. One million dollars remains to be raised before July 10th. Everyone in the church is believing that God wants them to have a building for His glory. They have done more than seems possible. And they are doing more as they pray, believe, and connect with every source possible. So in this brief “Connection Note” we join them in believing that God will bring this message to the heart of those He will touch to help right now. Call the Global Outreach Office for more information and instructions if God is calling you to partner with this great project. You may contact Global Outreach by calling (423) 559-5203 or emailing

Global Outreach Ministries

Servant Partner Ministries
Project Costa Rica – A Servant Partner team recently traveled to areas of Costa Rica to provide support and ministry to the Church there, assisting with building projects, sharing in ministry and much more. To read more about this trip, click here.

One Child Fund
Orphange in Rwanda Experiences Great Progress – The orphange in Rwanda is experiencing the realization of a dream as their building project makes greats strides toward completion. Read the National Overseer’s report and learn how you can help complete this project, click here.
Leadership Development & Discipleship Ministries

Leadership Development Institutes and Regional Trainings
The next Leadership Development Institute in Cleveland, TN will be held April 21-25, 2009. Due to 2008 being a General Assembly year, there will not be an LDI in Cleveland next year. Instead, during the Fall of 2007 and throughout 2008, there will be a series of Regional LDIs across North America. We hope this will relieve some of the financial burden of attending both the Cleveland LDI and the General Assembly in the same year. Click here to find a regional event near you.

Christian Education Ministries
Christians Crave Community – Is the American way of isolation from our communities, God’s way? Learn more about this new seminar being offered to local churches and state/regional offices by the Christian Education Ministries. View the story by clicking here.

Ladies Retreat Update
Carribean International Ladies Retreat – More than 200 women from the US and eleven islands of the Carribean gathered recently on the island of St. Maarten for the Caribbean International Ladies Retreat. Read the report of this great conference by clicking here.

Leadership Development Ministries
Announcing the East Coast School of Ministry – The next session of the East Coast School of Ministry will convene on November 2-3, 2007 in Salisbury, Maryland. For more details, click here.

Leadership Training in Africa
Two major training events will take place in Africa this Fall to help leadership there keep pace with the rapid church growth taking place. Click here to read the complete article.
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White Wing Messenger
Bridging the Generation Gap – In the June 2007 issue of the White Wing Messenger, Gary Langley, Overseer of Hawaii shares that while our message is timeless, or methods must be timely to connect with current generations. To read his complete article, click here.
Inspirational Leadership Ministries

New From North America
Four New Churches Organized – Four new Church of God of Prophecy congregations have been organized in North America since the last edition of Connections. To read more, click here.

Calendar of Events

July 2007
AL, Green Pond – International Youth Camp – July 21-26
Egypt – Institute of Children’s Ministry – July 27-Aug. 5

August 2007
Guatemala City – Guatemala Center for Biblical Leadership – Aug. 12-14
West Africa – Leadership Development Institute – Aug. 9-Sept. 2

September 2007
OR, Hood River – Pacific Northwest Regional Ladies Retreat – September 21-23
TN, Kingsport – Youth Leaders Training Conference – Sept. 25-30
Freeport, Bahamas – Bahamas Leadership Development Institute – Sept. 16-21
El Salvador – Institute of Children’s Ministry – Sept. 19-27

October 2007
NC, Ridgecrest – Southeast Regional Ladies Retreat – October 5-7
TN, Kingsport – Ministry Partners Retreat – Oct. 26-28
TX, Warda – Texas Relational Ministry School – Oct. 26-27
WY, Sheridan – Rocky Mountains Regional Ladies Retreat – October 12-14
Canada, Ottawa – Center for Biblical Leadership School – Oct. 1-5
Ukraine, Kiev – Connecting In Service: Kiev ’07 – Oct.11-14
Georgia – Institute of Children’s Ministry – Oct. 5-14

November 2007
FL, Fort Walton Beach – Gulf Shores Regional Ladies Retreat – Nov. 16-18
KY, Lake Barkley – Lake Barkley Regional Ladies Retreat – Nov. 9-11
MD, Salisbury – East Coast School of Ministry – Nov. 2-3
Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo – Central America Leadership Conf. – Nov. 27-30

For more information, contact: Shaun McKinley, Administrative Liaison to the General Overseer by e-mailing

TC Fall Registration

Registration is now underway for the Fall ’07 session of classe being offered by the Tomlinson Center. To see a complete listing of what’s being offered, or to register visit the TC website by clicking here.