Yesterday was a special day at the Heartland Fellowship Church (COGOP) in Elizabethton, TN. The local church service in the morning a great one with a lot of fellowship, singing and excitement in the air.

Pastor Marvin Slagle did a great job of moderating the service, which featured two special guests…District Presbyter Robert Ledford and Bishop Edsel Hartman, who had pastored the church there 50-years-ago. In the morning service, I brought the message, that, believe it or not was only 16-minutes-long.

After the morning service, we reconvened at the location of the new church where several special guests from the community and other churches also attended to enjoy the celebration. After the ground was broken, the special guests and leadership team of the local church enjoyed a great meal and time of fellowship.

I spoke with Pastor Slagle, and he told me the contractors heavy equipment had already started digging this morning, and they are expecting to pour the footer on phase one on Wednesday.

Thank God for all he is doing, and for the special pastor, leadership team and membership of the local church.