Good news Tuesday eve. Michelle spoke words and knew some folks. She was sent to a nursing home on Wednesday. However, still with trache in throat and feeding tube plus other hookups and not being restrained in any way plus not being watched she last night pulled out everything. She at this moment is back in St. Johns Hospital in Springfield, MO.

Here is the kicker. They say they will not keep her and there is not any facility in 200 miles that they have contacted that will take her. They say they will not keep her as there is not any medical reason for so doing????????????.

Greg is told to prepare to take her home. 24 hour around the clock is out of reason and logic to give her this type of care. He and rest of us are beside ourselves with ??????????????????as to what to do.

All I am asking is prayer for the Lords intervention. God bless for all the prayers you have already prayed.

Cliff and Joann.

I just received word that the hospital is going to try to find out by running some more tests to see if they can keep her. This is beyond me at this point (given her circumstances) body stabilizer on broken pelvis, trek, feeding tube for food and medicine, brain not fully understood at the point. I am pray for God to help us. Cliff