Elizabeth Joy Bagley, daughter of Richard and Pamela Bagley, was nominated to be in the Ambassadors of Music European Tour for 2007. She is one of about 150 students chosen of all the Tennessee high school music departments. This is a great honor given to her. One shows the talent and integrity of the nominated student, as they will be representing the community, state, and the country.

The Tennessee Ambassadors of Music have visited Europe for over thirty years, and is a life changing experience for each student. Elizabeth will be traveling to seven countries including: England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Austria, and Germany, from June 30 through July 15, 2007.

Elizabeth will be singing with her Tennessee group in churches, park venues, and other destinations. The Tennessee Ambassadors of Music Tour is highly respected and welcomed to visit Europe by the local governments of each country.

Although it is an honor to attend, each student is required to raise the funds to go on the once of a lifetime trip. Therefore, Elizabeth is in need of your help to be able to participate. Any support that you can send her will be appreciated. You can send it to her direct at 2629 Bains Road Hillsboro, Tennessee 37342 or telephone at (931) 596-2954 for more information.

To give you an idea of who Elizabeth Bagley is, we are sending you a list of her activities and interests. She attends the Pelham Valley Church of God of Prophecy, is a part of her churches youth group, helps with the children’s church during the services on Sunday mornings, she was a SIT (Staff In Training) this past summer for one of the younger age youth camp. She is also a part of many clubs and organizations at her school including Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Vice-President of the French Club, and one of the audition choir groups (Women’s Chorale). I sincerely thank you for you support and for taking time to read this. I would greatly appreciate any donations you could give even if it is not much. I am very excited to be going on this once and a lifetime trip and I again greatly appreciate your support.


Elizabeth J. Bagley