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General Presbytery Meets in Cleveland for Time of Sharing and Planning
by Clayton Endecott, General Presbyter of Europe/CIS/Middle East and Shaun McKinley, Administrative Liaison to the General Overseer,
Last week, April 21-27, the General Presbyters met for a time of sharing and planning. The General Presbyters, leaders representing the church’s global work, meet twice yearly to discuss the advancement and challenges facing the church’s work around the world.

On Tuesday, Church of God of Prophecy General Overseer and General Presbyters along with International Office Ministry Directors were invited to join Dr. Dennis McGuire, General Overseer for the Church of God for a dinner of fellowship with the Executive Council of the Church of God. A time of celebration and fellowship was highlighted by encouraging testimonials of both Church leaders to the increased fellowship and mutual ministry between the two movements. The Councils of both churches happened to be meeting during the same week in their respective offices, and decided to convene in an evening of friendship at the Church of God new Communications Center.
Daily schedules for the regular spring meeting of the General Presbytery (General Overseer and General Presbyter’s) put in to practice visions of synergy and the sharing of spiritual gifts and callings beginning to be fulfilled as leadership from our General Presbytery joined together for meetings with traditionally more restrictive or closed counsel and committees. The recent joint counsel session of the General Presbyters called by the General Overseer included full session meetings with the Global Outreach committee to discuss policy decisions, procedures, and to make decisions concerning immediate and local needs around the world. Past practices and traditions would not have brought these two entities together, however in continuation of polity decisions made more than 10 years ago, doors are being opened, and sessions of committees and general leadership are moving more towards shared accountability and responsibility. These open doors demonstrate deeper levels of synergy, cooperation and effectiveness.

The General Presbyters also met with members of the Finance and Stewardship Committee, Biblical Doctrine and Polity Committee, the International Offices Administrative Committee, the Unity of Ministry Review Team, as well as various ministry leaders.

The next meeting of the General Presbytery will be in October 2007.

Ladies Retreats Update

Wind of His Spirit Blows Through England, Touching Europe/CIS/Middle East
by Cathy Payne, International Women’s Ministries Director,
We have just returned from England, host nation of this year’s European Women’s Ministries Leadership Conference and International Ladies Retreat. The first two days of our week were scheduled for leadership training as 41 women from 18 nations gathered for instruction, fellowship, and networking. We were especially blessed by the participation and attendance of new and young leadership from the nations of Europe, CIS and the Middle East. One evening was a particular highlight as the women shared what God is doing in their nations. I believe God will use a new confidence from these women as they return to their respective nations to put into practice some of what they heard and learned from one another. It is iron sharpening iron excitement.

More than 400 women from 21 nations joined us on the weekend for the ladies retreat. On Friday evening we witnessed more than 20 women make the commitment to receive Christ as Savior. On Sunday morning at the conclusion of the service somewhere between 30 and 40 women responded specifically to the call to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Sylvia Staten, our state evangelist from South Carolina was a delight in ministry during the weekend and Rhonda Davis was used mightily of the Lord on Saturday evening. The worship team was one of the best I have enjoyed in England. Team leaders Kim Samuels and Carla Ellington were a blessing to work with and the other singers and musicians added to the blessing. Each time of ministry was unique and anointed.

We thank the Lord for this unique time of ministry among our women in this region. Please continue to pray with us for the Wind of His Spirit to blow in Europe, CIS, and the Middle East.

Stewardship Ministries Update

Local Church Experiencing Revival as Result of Stewardship Training
by Jan Couch, Stewardship Ministries Director,
The following report was received from Pastor C. Neal Wright, Senior Pastor of the Acworth, Georgia church:

In January the Acworth, Georgia Church of God of Prophecy began their annual Stewardship Emphasis month. The congregation received teaching during the Sunday morning Christian education hour followed by challenging messages during the morning worship celebration. God was evidently pleased as many hearts came to the Lord during this time.

In February, Stewardship Ministries Director Jan Couch, conducted further training on a Saturday evening, that concluded the following morning. God worked powerfully as she gave a word concerning first fruits and our responsibility to give the first fruits of all we have to God. That evening, a mother brought her daughter to church for the first time in years. The mother was so convicted about giving the first fruits of her life to God that she realized the years that she allowed her children to control her and to do their “own thing.” That night her daughter was saved! She then returned for the Tuesday evening prayer services and brought two more young men with her, and they also received salvation.

Since January the church has experienced 30 people saved, several baptized in water, and in March was the best month ever in the area of finances. As April is nearing an end, the church is set to eclipse our financial blessings in March! When we give the first fruits to God, He will take care of the rest! God is so good!
Christ Worship Center Helps A Sister Church

COGOP Congregations Helps Church Devastated by Tornado
by Luann Leonard, International Ministry of Outreach,

Early morning tornadoes in central Florida, on February 4th, claimed 20 lives and destroyed more than 1,500 homes and businesses including the Lady Lake Church of God. Even though the church itself was destroyed, clean-up crews moved enough debris to establish a food distribution site serving more than 3,000 hot meals each day and distributing 3,000 Operation Compassion Food Boxes.

The Christ Worship Center Church of God of Prophecy in Marietta, Georgia, moved with compassion by the disastrous loss of a sister Church of God in Lady Lake, Florida, gave an offering to help and encourage this devastated congregation. Church of God of Prophecy Pastor Douglas Stephenson, expressed his thankfulness for the cooperative ministry we have established between our movements. Bishop Tim Hill, Church of God Assistant General Overseer commented, “Words cannot express our gratitude that our sister church would help assist us in our time of need. This offering will bring help and hope to the individuals affected by such a devastating storm.”
News from North America

Michiana Region Celebrates Growth, Revival Sparks at Kentucky Church
by Melva Pohlner, North American Presbyter’s Office,

The following report is being shared from the Michiana State Paper, “Teamwork: Fan the Flame.

“The Michiana (Michigan/Indiana) area conventions were a great success. Our Area Presbyters did a wonderful job in planning and moderating. Great outpourings and demonstrations of the Spirit were witnessed as we gathered from around the region in our particular presbytery areas for a time of worship and fellowship. Our attendances were increased from last year and the power of God was evident among us!
It was wonderful to worship with several of our Spanish brothers and sisters from across the region and hear how God is growing our churches. Pastor Juan Martinez and the Benton Harbor Spanish are excited as the final developments are being placed upon their moving to their new location/sanctuary in Benton Harbor. Additionally, our churches in the Indianapolis area are seeing tremendous growth. Pastor Zoila, at the 16th Street church, has witnessed a growth from about fifteen in her congregation to an attendance of around forty. As well, the Puerta del Cielo congregation is growing and discipling new converts.

Make no mistake; God is doing some great things in Michiana. Pastors are receiving new members, new converts are coming to Christ and disciples are being made. Pastor Gail Allen from the Flint, Michigan church has just recently reported that eighteen people have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.”

Little Leatherwood, Kentucky
Pastor Robbie Delph shares, “I am so excited! I have never seen a revival like this in my lifetime.” By the end of a two-week revival the church saw 23 saved, 16 received the Holy Ghost and 19 have been baptized in water with more scheduled to be baptized.

Added note from Kentucky Overseer J. Scott Gillum –Pastor Robbie called me and said the revival services have started again. To date they have had 39 saved 20 baptized in water and 20 baptized in the Holy Ghost. They are meeting on Wednesday-Friday then again on Sunday’s.

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by Dr. H.E. Cardin, Tomlinson Center Director,
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