I am posting a prayer request on behalf of our pastor’s family at Paris, Bishop C.C. Winchester. This past month, Cliff and Joanne’s daughter-in-law was involved in a terrible automobile crash that put her in critical condition at a hospital in Missouri.

Because of the server difficulties, I have not posted earlier emails that did not get to me, and I apologize to the Winchester family for the difficulty. I am posting a copy of an email that I received tonight….as it would be, our service has been down most of the evening, and just came back online. Please join me in prayer


This will be brief. Michelle stopped breathing 4 times today. She had been in a step down icu unit but is back in icu. Doctors do not give any hope in any way. Joann is with her as well as our son Greg, his family and Michelle’s family live in Springfield. ( MO) We are fully aware of the greatness of our Lord. We trust the Lord and are depending on the will of God to be performed. Please pray for Michelle and her family, our son Greg. Also children Holden (6) and Ginny (14) who is scheduled to graduate in just a few days.