I am sending this email prayer request on behalf of Bishop Rick Lee (Northwest Territories Region). His father James “Pop” Lee is in critical condition in Chattanooga Hospice. The doctors have called and told the family that they don’t believe Pop will make it through the night unless something happens. He has been ill for a long time, and at his advanced age the prognosis is not good.

Rick and Theresa called us from the Denver, CO airport, where they are enroute to Tennessee. There was terrible snow in Wyoming, and they need a break in the weather, and for God’s grace during their difficult time.

Rick is the new overseer of MT, ND, SD, WY and is doing a good job. He and Theresa are from Tennessee and have worked here over the years. We all know about the difficulties of being so far away from our families when they urgently need us. Please helps us pray tonight (or whenever you receive this).

God bless, I love and appreciate you all.

E.C. McKinley