The first step in mission is always a transformed life, an authentically Christian life. Actions and words should never be divorced. David Bosch remarked, “The deed without the word is dumb; the word without the deed is empty.” But the center of mission is the message of Christ’s life, death, resurrection, victory, kingdom and rule in the hearts of men. That message is being told all over the world with incredible results. During the month of March we celebrate the power of the Word proclaimed and lived out around the world. You will renew your passion for proclamation and witness as you read the ministry diaries of some of our dedicated overseer-evangelists. Share these modern day “Acts of the Apostles” with your congregation, class, youth group, friends, and colleagues. Their hearts will burn with yours.

Proclaiming Good News in Congo Brazzaville

December was a typical month in the ministry of overseer Mukendy Bitchy [pronounced Bee-chee]. A four-day revival campaign from the 6th through the 10th at a place called Nkombo themed “Spiritual Warfare and Christian Armor” was richly blessed and resulted in 38 conversions, 16 people baptized in the Holy Spirit and 6 sanctified.

A ladies retreat beginning on the 14th at Poto Poto II Church resulted in 21 ladies being baptized in the Holy Spirit. Brother Mukendy preached a powerful message on “The Infallibility of the Word of God” to climax the event. On Sunday, the 17th he remained at the local church to administer Holy Communion. This service drew saints from other churches in the district. Two brothers joined the church and during the feet washing as they were praising and singing there was a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the assembly and many were filled with the Holy Spirit.

Brother Mukendy organized a revival campaign at this same location from Monday, the 18th through Saturday, the 23rd. He writes: “Every day many brothers and sisters attended the campaign and our Lord confirmed his Word by many signs-healings, liberation from demon possessions and oppressions.” Again the ministry was effective: 61 saved, 43 baptized in the Spirit, and 25 sanctified.

On the 24th this overseer-evangelist conducted a Christmas service at the Poto Poto II Church and on the 31st led the New Year Midnight Supper service. Local churches from across the Brazzaville district gathered. They broke bread and gave a cup of coffee to each attender. The service began at 9 in the evening and ended at 5:30 the next morning. He reports, “We had an anointed time during which the Lord delivered many from demon possessions, diseases and from different kinds of prisons, and blessed us. Many brothers and sisters witnessed the mercy, love and power of God in their lives.”

God Reigns in the Midst of Crisis

Northeast of Sri Lanka where all our work in the COGOP is located resembles a war zone. International monitors say the recent violence is the most serious threat to the 2002 ceasefire between the Sri Lankan government forces and the Tamil Tigers. The Tigers started fighting in the 1970s for a separate state for Tamils in Sri Lanka’s north and east. The civil war has claimed about 64,000 lives, displaced one million people and put a stranglehold on the island’s growth and economic development. In addition to war, the country was hit by unimaginable terror with the tsunami during Christmas 2005. Over 40,000 lives were lost and hundreds of thousands were left homeless. In the midst of all this tragedy God proved faithful and the work in Sri Lanka continued to grow. Members of the Church of God of Prophecy around the world responded with unprecedented compassion to insure the rebuilding and continuation of the Church of God of Prophecy in Sri Lanka. Today the central church in Trincomallee has grown from just a handful a few years ago to a congregation exceeding 200 people in attendance at times.

Persecution Heats Up in India

Intercessors are needed urgently to stand with our Indian brothers and sisters who are enduring malicious attacks and intense pressure because of their faith in Christ. The serious nature of these threats is evident from this recent prayer S.O.S. coming into our office from some native leaders in India: “We have been investigated by the Federal Investigation [government agency] for our works here. Someone has reported that we are involved with conversion, which has severe penalty. Please pray that we will find the favor of God. We were called by the investigating police today to his office. One of our believers, who accepted Christ recently, has been brutally beaten up by her family members for her faith in Christ, this afternoon. She has been under house arrest. One family, who had come to Christ from a non-Christian background, has stopped coming to the church, as one of their relatives threatened to commit suicide, unless they stop coming to church.”

In spite of the intense oppression, this courageous couple reports on their determined efforts to continue sharing the gospel: “We had a musical concert last Saturday, March 3, where around 400 people (most of whom are young college going students) attended and 73 gave their lives to Christ. We have been warned by the Deputy Commissioner against misuse (so to say) of the government premises we rented, because we spoke about Christ.”

Government sanctioned oppression of Christianity seems to be growing throughout India. The governor of Himachal Pradesh assented to the Himachal Pradesh Freedom of Religion Bill last December which forbids any attempt of a person to convert from one religion to another through inducement or fraud. Though the act ostensibly bans conversion by coercion or allurement, similar acts have been misused in other states to harass Christian workers and at times, even hinder genuine conversions.

Patricia Browder, wife of the General Presbyter for Asia/Oceania, confirms the seriousness and extent of religious oppression in parts of India: “The enemy is working hard in India, to destroy the kingdom of God. When we were in Nagaland, we stayed just a step ahead of major conflicts involving shootings. Every time we would visit a place and then leave, we would hear that the fighting had moved into that area. God was certainly at work and we are believing for protection for our precious people in India.”

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