It seems as if its been a month since I’ve posted to this blog. Of course, I can simply check the blog to see that I posted earlier in the week.

I was in Cleveland yesterday, where I brought the devotion at the upper-room prayer service for the International Offices staff. I really felt like the Lord gave me a word for them, and it was great to worship with such wonderful people. Yesterday was also my wife, Debra’s birthday and since this trip coincided with her birthday, I was able to give her what she wanted more than anything….the whole day with our granddaughter, Reagan.

Today, I am scheduled to participate in a press conference in Cleveland for the National Day of Prayer. The press conference will be followed by a prayer luncheon at the Holiday Inn. I am honored to be participating in this event, and I do hope that our churches, and especially our ministry will be involved in the events. We will be back in the office late today.

Thanks for checking in. God bless.