Hello Pastor:

Just a reminder about revival at Lakeside with Bishop Mike Willingham.
He will be here Sunday morning, March 11th through Wednesday night
March 14th, at 7:00 pm each evening. No Sunday night service.

If you can attend one night or announce so that if any one would like
to be with us they can come I will appreciate it.

West Nashville has sold their church and in the process of selling the
parsonage and are very excited about relocating. Keep them in your
prayers that they can make this transition smoothly.

According to the pastors I have talked with lately, attendance is
climbing as well as the Spirit being very visible in their services.

It appears that God is blessing our sister churches in Districts #9 &
#10. I believe God is working and doing new things among us. Don’t
miss what God is trying to do through you and your church!!!!!!