We started the church at Henderson with the purpose of reaching those that are considered outcast. Those that are on the outer edge of the influence of the Body of Christ and beyond. The name “Living Waters Fellowship” was decided upon because we wanted to be a vessel of continuous use by God thru which the Living Water (Jesus) could flow to the highways and hedges. This agreement was reached not just by the influence of the Pastor, but was in the heart of all those present. This mission is preached, sung, taught, testified and encouraged continuously.
God gave us our first and great opportunity just before Christmas. The Church had agreed to minister to our local nursing home in Henderson. Upon giving our vision to the activities director, she informed the pastor of a couple that ministered to the residents. This couple from the local Assembly of God had made contact with Sabrina Pierre who approximately 1 ½ years ago had a devastating auto accident and was mostly paralyzed. Sabrina is in her late twenties and is a single mother of two small children. She cannot live with her children because of the lack of adequate housing for a handicap person.
The pastor contacted her mother who was interested in building an addition onto her and her husbands home where Sabrina’s children are living. After contacting this couple the Pastor brought this to the attention of the Church. The Church immediately accepted the challenge and an offering was received.
A meeting was arranged with the parents and at this meeting much enthusiasm was shown. Plans were made to advance the mission.
Temporary building plans were drawn up and a visit was made to Sabrina and later to her
parents home. These visits were well received and a meeting was planned at Living Waters Fellowship to discuss plans for building. At this meeting the Pastor of the Assembly of God was present.
Bro. David Williams who attends Living Waters Fellowship and who is also a contractor has proved to be very much used of God in his profession and contacts. He has visited many suppliers and craftsmen receiving a commitment of materials and labor being donated. The 1st State Bank of Henderson has donated $500. And a lawyer and account are assisting us pro bono.
Another meeting was held at the Assembly of God.
Ground breaking was scheduled and held on Friday, Feb. 16th at 10 am. Even though the temperature was in the 20’s approximately 25 people were present along with WBBJ-TV, an ABC affiliate out of Jackson, the local newspaper and the county mayor who turned over the first shovel of dirt. Interviews were conducted by both news sources. That evening WBBJ-TV broadcast approximately 1 minute 26 seconds for “Helping Hands of Chester County”! The local newspaper gave a good write up on the front page.
People are coming forth to volunteer to donate time and money. We invite Christians and non-Christians alike, any and all churches are invited.
The footing has been poured and we are awaiting blocks to be laid (donated) and then the floor will be poured. We have some fund raisers planned and expect donations to come in. Our church started about 6 months ago, and have approximately 20 people. We are worshipping in an office building that is being donated. By God’s grace we shall begin to build soon. We are already acting like a big organized church because we serve a big God.
In the name of Jesus

Pastor Joe D. Watson
Living Waters Fellowship
Church of God of Prophecy