It appears that the marriage retreat held this last weekend was a great success. I want to take this time to thank all who helped us withh this project. My wife Debra worked long and hard to get things done. She was assisted by Londa Richardson, Mike and Monica Luithle, Shannon Bowdoin, Terry Bear, our board, Winston and Vernetta Reid, Paul and Barbara Holt and John A. and Judy Stone, and of course, our guest speakers, Vic and Mary Pearson.

We are looking forward to next year with great anticipation, and looking forward to all of you joining us.

As a special note:

Audio CDs of each session are available for $5.00 and DVDs are available for only $7.00 each, and if you would like to order the whole set, the you can get the whold CD set for $15.00 or the whole DVD set for $25.00

Just email me with your mailing information and I’d be happy to work it out. God bless.

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