Throughout a recent episode of an HBO special, the song “I am a friend of God” played. I first heard this song at a Youth Conference in Chattanooga several-years-ago, when Israel Houghton and New Breed performed it. I immediately fell in love with the song, because it struck my heart that “my friend” had laid down His life for me.

When the HBO special aired, produced by the daughter of U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi I was intent on watching it with a critical eye. Not trusting the past performance of how evangelicals are treated in the media, I was sure that it I would be angry by the time the documentary ended….the opposite happened.

No, I didn’t like the undertones of the documentary, especially by starting and ending it with interviews with Ted Haggard, of Colorado, who recently fell from ministry because of a drug and sex scandal….I honestly thought it tainted the rest of the documentary, howeverr, it was Haggard’s own words and actions that he was snared by.

In the documentary, the producers seemed amazed at the depth of faith people throughout “middle America” or “fly-over country.” I saw men and women totally devoted to serving the Lord, even in face of skeptical critics.

As I thought about this documentary (and acually watched it a second time) I was reminded of the thousands of faithful Christians who live their lives out every day with a simple faith. They are intent on living and doing what is right according to the standards set by our Lord in His Holy Word.

Throughout Tennessee, our churches are filled with caring, compassionate Christians who want to make a difference in their world. Do we have some that might be a “little off the center bubble?” Probably, but they are by and far a minority, and those who quietly live out the Christian faith obviously outnumber them.

So, thanks HBO and thanks Ms. Pelosi for bringing us a very small view of Christians in America. However, maybe the next time you will show the hundreds of thousands of people giving blankets, food and shelter to the homeless, and the countless thousands ministering in nursing homes, hospitals, prisons and homes across the country. Or you could show those who give of their time, talent and treasure to make sure that a small church remains open, weeek-after-week.

Yes, we are friends of God and He loves you too!