Last Saturday, I traveled to the Murphy House, located just outside of Fields of the Wood in Cherokee County, North Carolina. The occasion was the anniversary of the 2nd General Assembly of the Church of God. There were about 22 present in the J.C. Murphy house that was the site of the first General Assembly in 1906.

The second assembly was held at the Union Grove, Tennessee church, and it was in this assembly that the name Church of God was officially adopted. Pastor Don Johnston of the Fields of the Wood church opened the service with prayer which was followed by a time of singing. Dr. David Roebuck, Historian for the Church of God (Cleveland) and our own General Overseer Emeritus, Bishop Fred S. Fisher, Sr., spoke and I closed the service with a word of prayer.

I am thankful that while God allows us to have wings, that we can have roots too! God bless.