From the General Overseer:

Forgiveness Illustrated Divinely

We have such wonderful people in the Church of God of Prophecy all around the world. That was reinforced this week when we received an email from Rwanda, hearing that a patriarch of faith in the national church had died.

This email news came from our overseer in Rwanda, Brother Redias Nkundabera. Sister Karrera (the widow of our former National Overseer and our present overseer’s mother) lost her mother. As you will read in the email, all of her children and grandchildren, other than Sister Karrera and her children, were killed during Rwandas genocide of the early 90’s. She has been a fortress of faith and grace to that community where such violence raged.

The report reads, This elderly lady has been our only surviving, oldest member of our church in that district, She has been a widow for 20 years and she was 98 years old. She also lost all of her 6 sons and 2 daughters, with her 12 grand children. My mother was the only one who survived among her children.

This lady had a good testimony in the area where she lived because she had forgiven the people who came and confessed that they were involved in the killing of her children and her grand children. She have been living with them well until she passed away.

May God bring this woman of grace to our minds when we are tempted to bear a grudge or hold on to bitterness. She was free indeed.

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Childrens Ministries Conducts Another C.L.A.I.M. One-day Training Intensive

Ten churches were represented at C.L.A.I.M. held on Saturday, January 13 in Middle Tennessee. The childrens ministers and church leaders who attended were involved in interactive learning and ministry throughout the day. They gained insight on leadership, evangelism, discipleship, classroom management and more. Evaluation comments included: I really enjoyed the workshop. This is my first and I didnt know what to expect. Excellent. Very well done. I am going to step up and stop waiting on someone else to do it (ministry).

During the coming months the following one-day training intensives are scheduled throughout North America. I personally invite you to attend one near you!

February 3, 4-TREES OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, Camp Boothe, Alabama
February 10, 11-CM: TAKIN IT TO HEART, State Campground, Florida
February 18-TREES OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, Campbell, California
February 25-TREES OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, Cerritos, California
March 10-RUNNIN THE RACE, East Tennessee (Location TBA)
April 7-RUNNIN THE RACE, Hoboken, New Jersey
April 21-RUNNIN THE RACE, Memphis, TN
May 5-RUNNIN THE RACE, Providence, Rhode Island

If you would like to host a one-day CM training intensive in your region or district, please contact the Childrens Ministries office at 423-559-5328 or e-mail

For more information, contact Leslie Green, Childrens Ministries Administrative Assistant, by e-mailing

Answering Gods Call: Celebrating 50 Years of Ministry

Spanish VOS personnel and a special committee will host a special service to celebrate the 50 years of the preaching ministry of Bishop José A. Reyes, Sr.

The celebration titled Answering Gods Call will be held in Orlando, Florida, on February 17 beginning at 6:30 p.m. and is open to the public.

This special service is going to be broadcast via radio through Radio Luz in Orlando and Radio Redentor in Puerto Rico. Several leaders will be in attendance including Bishop Randall E. Howard, General Overseer; Bishop David Bryan, Global Outreach Director; Bishop Billy Wilson, English VOS Minister; Bishop Benjamin Feliz, Southeast Regional Overseer; and many other leaders from different Christian organizations. In concert will be the Dove Award nominee singer Julissa. The well-known Christian communicator Tommy Moya will bring the message challenging the young people to dedicate themselves to the ministry.

Bishop Reyes has served the Church of God of Prophecy in different capacities since his first general appointment in 1968. He is presently Spanish Communication Minister and executive producer for the Church radio program La Voz de Salvacion and the television program Compartiendo el Pan de Vida, which broadcast throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

For more information, contact Olfa Reyes, Spanish Voice of Salvation, by e-mailing

Local Church Leadership Training Event

The Alabama State Office will be hosting their annual Local Church Leadership Training Conference, February 2-3 at Camp Boothe, Alabama. All church leaders are welcome to attend this great training event, including training for pastors, childrens ministers, youth ministers, womens and mens ministry leaders, clerk and treasurers, deacons and ministries.

Registration opens at 4:00 p.m. on Friday, February 2 and is scheduled to
close at 3:00 PM on Saturday, Feb 3. The cost is $55.00 person, which includes lodging and three meals.

For more information, call (205) 425-1905 or email

Regional Ladies Retreats Fall Season Review

At the Rocky Mountains retreat, we received a warm welcome for the first retreat of the Fall season held in Sheridan, Wyoming, especially from our new regional bishop, Rick Lee and his wife, Theresa, and the folks for this region. The Holy Spirit ministered miraculously, and we rejoiced in His presence. After many years of absence, we returned to the newly renovated Ridgecrest Conference Center near Asheville, North Carolina, for the Southeast retreat. The mountains provided a beautiful backdrop for worship, refreshment, and fellowship. The Fall colors were nearing their peak as women from this region gathered for retreat. We celebrated a great outpouring of His spirit as many women were saved, healed, and renewed by the Wind of His Spirit.

Mid-America was exciting this year as women gathered at the beautiful Renaissance Hotel in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to worship God and fellowship together. He loves His daughters and always comes through for them. His Spirit spoke mightily to us through the Word and through worship. And thank God for those who were saved and filled with the Holy Spirit.

What can we say about Lake Barkley? This retreat seems better each year. The food and scenery could not be better, and the presence of the Holy Spirit was powerfully present from the beginning. On Saturday, we were engulfed in His presence, and many received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. The Fall season concluded as we were blessed to return to Gulf Shores as the Lord provided a beautiful Four Points Sheraton for us to enjoy and bask in the coastal breezes and the refreshing breezes of His Spirit. We witnessed a glorious celebration as we literally packed the building with praise! While we were crowded, we were not hampered as women witnessed miracles in their lives and families in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Praise the Lord for a rich season.

The Spring season begins soon. We are anticipating Spirit-filled winds of renewal and refreshing! Check out the Upcoming Events section at the end of this e-mail for a listing of upcoming conferences.

For more information, contact John Payne, Womens Ministries by e-mailing

January Is Stewardship Emphasis Month

Good reports of Stewardship Emphasis Month are continually brought to my attention. Many of these reports are coming from excited members who are grateful for the messages on tithing and giving that their pastors are preaching.

In a USA Today survey of people attending and non-attending church, only five percent responded negatively when asked if they liked for the minister to speak on money. Five percent should not silence pastors of this vital Christian obedience. We do not typically poll the people to see what we need to preach. The Holy Spirit will lead you into the level of stewardship emphasis you need for your church. Some are preaching four Sundays, and some are preaching one Sunday. Some have guest speakers, and some have a financial series such as Financial Peace.

There are many options to promote stewardship—one is just right for you and your church.

For more information, contact, Liz Walters, Stewardship Ministries Secretary by e-mailing

Leadership Development Institute

The final brochure and registration material for Leadership Development Institute 2007 will be in the mail shortly to all pastors in North America. You may also register at You will find hotel information on the website as well as a list of the guest artists and speakers. In coming weeks, a complete list of this years elective classes will also be posted so you can decide in advance which ones you may want to attend. Be sure to register early to ensure your place in the Intensive Course of your choice. These special classes will fill up quickly because of a fixed amount of space in each room. Dont wait too late and be disappointed. We look forward to seeing you April 17-21, 2007 at LDI in Cleveland!

For more information, contact CBL Ministries by e-mailing

VOS Volunteers of the Year Selected

VOS Ministries congratulates Ken and Joann Nope, who were chosen to be Volunteer Couple of the Year for 2006. Ken and Joann are active members of Peerless Road Church in Cleveland, Tennessee where Ken teaches small groups and Joann is involved with the intercessory prayer team. Their dedicated service week after week is invaluable to this ministry. Special thanks to Ken, Joann, and the rest of the VOS Ministries volunteer team!

For more information, contact Brittany Gillum, VOS Administrative Assistant by emailing

Tomlinson Center Update

As reported to the 94th International General Assembly from the Tomlinson Center Board, Several churches and individuals have been faithful to invest in this endeavor since its inception. Through the initiative of our General Overseer, Bishop Fred S. Fisher, Sr., a grant of $250,000.00 has been given to this educational effort by Mr. John Gregory of the Lazarus Foundation.

States and regions, along with local churches and individuals came close to matching the $250,000 in cash and pledges that prompted an additional challenge. During our recent General Assembly, Mr. Gregory gave yet another $250,000 which is to be matched by the COGOP constituents.

As shared in the Informational Report of the Church College Task Force to the 93rd General Assembly of the Church of God of Prophecy in 2004, We are encouraged by the survey response of 1,222 pastors, 97% of which, indicated that they would include a church college in their annual budget. This ongoing support will ensure a strong future as we further develop our church college.

To date, the scholarships (one-half of the tuition) have been awarded over the last three semesters to students that are pastors, youth ministers, local church leaders, state/regional staff, overseers and missionaries.

These students have taken the fully accredited courses offered by COGOP instructors.

Questions To Consider:
How might you participate in this investment in ministers? Any and all levels of participation will make a difference.
Is it possible to partner with us and invest in potential students from your area?
These students are taking “Bible” courses for ministerial training. You might be able to underwrite the other half of the tuition. As an example, the Michiana Region (Michigan and Indiana) offers assistance to pastors and other appointed staff that successfully complete the course.
How might you partner with the Tomlinson Center? The Tomlinson Center Board will continue guiding the progress of this effort.
Are you interested in taking these online courses? If so, please contact the Tomlinson Center.

For more information, contact: Dr. HE Cardin, Tomlinson Center Director by e-mailing or visiting the Tomlinson Centers website at

Upcoming Events

January 2007

Nashville, TN – CLAIM Childrens Ministry Training, January 13

February 2007

Camp Boothe, AL – Childrens Ministries Training, February 2-3
Campbell, CA – Childrens Ministries Training, February 17
Cerritos, CA – Childrens Ministries Training, February 24
Brooksville, FL – C: Takin It to Heart (Childrens Ministries), February 9-10
Salisbury, MD – East Coast School of Ministry, February 2-3

March 2007

Niagara, Canada – Niagara Falls Ladies Retreat, March 16-18
Ventura, CA – Pacific Southwest Ladies Retreat, March 9-11
Newark, NJ – Atlantic Northeast Ladies Retreat, March 30 – April 1
Warda, TX – Texas Relational Ministry Conference, March 16-17

April 2007

Alix, Alberta – Western Canada Center for Biblical Leadership Conference, April 23-27
Murphy, NC – Easter Program, April 7
Hoboken, NJ – Runnin the Race (Childrens Ministries) – Bilingual, April 7
Toronto, Ontario – East Canada Leadership Development Institute, April 30-May 4
Cleveland, TN – Leadership Development Institute, April 17-21
Mempis, TN – CM: Takin It to Heart (Childrens Ministries), April 21
Staverton, England – European Womens Ministries Leadership Conference – April 11-12
Staverton, England – European Ladies Retreat – April 13-15

May 2007

Greeley, CO – Colorado Relational Ministry Conference, May 11-12
Des Moines, IA – Great Plains Ladies Retreat, May 4-6
Murphy, NC – Gospel Concert at Fields of the Wood, May 26
Providence, RI – CM Takin IT to Heart, May 5
Cleveland, TN – Institute of Childrens Ministry, May 23-26

For more information, contact: Shaun McKinley, Administrative Liaison to the General Overseer by e-mailing

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