Just a few-minutes-ago, I returned from visiting Pastor Jerry Payne at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville. You would not believe the transformation that has taken place in his life. On the way to the hospital, I spoke with our pastor at Bellshire, Pastor Shannon Bowdoin, who had just visited with Jerry. He said that Jerry was on cloud nine!

While entering the hospital, I saw Pastor Jim Mitchell of Baggett’s Chapel in the surgical waiting area. He had just been to see Jerry in his room and told me the same thing.

The truth is, Jerry couldn’t stop preaching, crying and laughing. My spirits were really lifted after being with Jerry for even a few moments. I couldn’t help but laugh when Jerry said, “you’ve got a new preacher in Tennessee, Brother McKinley.” His wife Jewell replied, “he hasn’t been like this in years.”

Thank God for His wonderful, marvelous, miraculous grace!