I am saddened to share with you the news of the passing of Bishop Buford Johnson.

I served under his leadership in Indiana at my first church and his ministry made a lasting impression on my life. I remember his first visit to my church as the overseer. He was very personable and inquired about my life, ministry, etc.

He asked about my education and I shared with him that I wanted to go to college, but that needed to work a while at a secular job to keep paying the bills. He asked how much I needed to get started. I told him that I had VA benefits but that it would take three months for them to kick in. He asked, “how much do you need for that three months?” My reply was, “about $200 per month for three months.” He told me, “I’ll send you the money if you will go.”

I took him up on it and started to college. Even after completing my undergraduate degrees, he encouraged me to continue with post-graduate work. Earning my Masters and Doctorate degree were directly attributable to his “pouring” into my life. I will never forget his influence on my life and ministry.

I will try to keep you up on arrangements, but as for now, it appears that the funeral services will be next Wednesday, December 27th, 2006 at Jim Rush funeral home in Cleveland.

Please pray for Sister Betty and the rest of the family.